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Some more questions answered here in the secret section. Probably not questions that could be asked frequently, but who knows? Just a couple more questions that I am anticipating.

I can see you're using Divi.

Not a question, but yes, I (PK) used to use Divi quite a bit, but I've started using Oxygen Builder for more projects, and then all out code took over. I still use page builders when the project parameters require it.

So why build this in Divi?

Well, if I had built this site exactly the way I wanted, it would all be custom Gutenberg, with some quirky code everywhere, but I had originally wanted to submit this site to the Divi design showcase since the sites that I've developed had been featured there a couple of times, and I thought this one was unique enough to get a nod.

By the time I realized that the design showcase was no more, it was too late. I was too far down to restart. So now it's a showcase of how any theme/builder can be repurposed to fit the needs of the user when in the right hands.

It's not the tools, it's the person using them.

So which page builder are you going to use?

For most builds where I have control over development, I usually straight up code what I need, and mix it with Gutenberg.

Having said that, I've used almost every significant builder in the WP world. In order of time spent, it goes: Oxygen, Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer, UX builder, Cornerstone, Site Origin, Beaver, and Fusion.

I have also used most major themes out there, so, whatever flavor you want us to build in, we can do it.

Will it be white-labeled?

It would most likely be branded as per your brand. We won't go overboard trying to style the backend to your brand or anything, since there's very little reason to do so, but it will, for all intents and purposes look like it's been built by your studio. Even the code prefixes will use your studio initials.

What about after handover?

If you'd like to be able to edit things for the client easily, then we can even make a website using a lot of the page builder options so everything is saved in the site, and you can easily pull them up if you want.

Also, if you want a site that is unbreakable for the client, then we can make you a client-friendly unbreakable UI, using your builder of choice, or with what can be only called a fully "custom page builder."

There are lots of things we can do, because we've done most of them in the past.

We're not "learning on the job." We are, more often than not, "doing what has shown to be best from experience."